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RENEWABLES: Highlighting the urgency of clean energy action at the G20 – IEA

RENEWABLES: Highlighting the urgency of clean energy action at the G20 – IEA 
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28th July 2023

Highlighting the urgency of clean energy action at the G20

Executive Director Fatih Birol and other IEA leaders participated in a series of international ministerial forums on energy and climate issues in Goa, India, late last week, culminating in the G20 Energy Ministers Meeting.

Dr Birol took part in high-level discussions with energy and climate leaders in Goa, highlighting the urgency of accelerating clean energy transitions worldwide in order to advance sustainable development, reach climate goals, enhance energy security and take advantage of the new global energy economy that is emerging. In particular, he underscored the need for countries to commit to doubling global progress on energy efficiency and tripling global renewable power capacity by 2030 to keep the target of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C within reach. Such commitments would be important for ensuring a successful outcome at the COP28 climate summit in December.

As well as the G20 Ministers Meeting – which brought together representatives from 20 of the world’s major economies – the gatherings in Goa included the annual Clean Energy Ministerial and the Mission Innovation Ministerial – initiatives for which the IEA provides key support. On the side-lines of these events, we also co-hosted with the United Arab Emirates’ COP28 Presidency the first in a series of high-level dialogues with ministers and business leaders on building consensus for a 1.5 °C-aligned energy transition (more on this further down in the newsletter). In Goa, Dr Birol also held bilateral meetings with ministers from a wide range of countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, India, Japan, Singapore and South Africa. Learn More / …


The International Energy Agency (IEA) works with governments and industry to shape a secure and sustainable energy future for all and provides authoritative analysis, data, policy recommendations and solutions to ensure energy security and help the world transition to clean energy Learn More /…


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