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About GEÓ Voice


We deliver just over 268k Geopolitical Insights emails every day across our entire Userbase combined with our international media base of 28k subscribing Geo-centric Editors, Journalists, Influencers & Bloggers. We further post extensively via our Web 2.0 Network affording us a further reach of 36k subscribers across all the Leading Article, Knowledge & Bookmarking Sites Globally.

GEÓ Voice is available to bona-fide corporations who have a corporate message to share. Release syndication’s are available for single use, or for those organisations who produce a lot of news & information they need to disseminate, we offer Quarterly, bi-Annual & Annual Campaigns offering unlimited use of our Network at the same time delivering outstanding ROI.

Campaign Schedules & Rates (2023)

€99.00* – Single Use (1 ARTICLE)
€699.00 – Bi-Annual Campaign (12 ARTICLES x 6 MONTHS) MOST POPULAR!
€899.00 – Annual Campaign (UNLIMITED POSTS x12 MONTHS)

(*Fully Inclusive – Gibraltar = VAT/IVA Free)


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