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DAILY GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: EUROPOL – Food Fraudsters arrested in Europe

GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: EUROPOL – Food Fraudsters arrested in Europe
Syndicated By: GEÓ PR Wire Team – Gibraltar
18th July 2023
Criminals relabelled millions of expired food products and reintroduced them to the supply chain, risking health and safety of European consumers
A two-part investigation across several EU Member States has unveiled a criminal network who operate by reintroducing expired food into the supply chain. In total, law enforcement officials have arrested 27 criminals responsible for this relatively new criminal practice that jeopardises the health and safety of European consumers. 
Exploiting vulnerabilities in the supply chain initially induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the suspects started acquiring immense quantities of expired food and beverages. They would then chemically erase the expiry date printed on the individual items and reprint a new one. In other cases, a whole new label was forged and applied, giving the impression that the packaged food or beverage was still fresh and safe for consumption. Relabelled food and beverages may not only be unenjoyable but even dangerous for human consumption, and could pose a serious risk to public health. Learn More /…
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GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: EUROPOL – Food Fraudsters arrested in Europe


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