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UN: UN needed ‘now more than ever’ European Commission President

prwireteam@geopoliticalmatters.comUN: UN needed ‘now more than ever’ European Commission President
The heads of the European Commission and the United Nations upheld the importance of international cooperation in an increasingly polarized world during a joint press conference in Brussels on Thursday. 
UN Secretary-General António Guterres is in the Belgian capital to participate in the second high-level dialogue between the global body and the European Union (EU), following on from a meeting last July.
The two days of talks will centre around issues that include Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its ripple effects worldwide, climate change, and the promise and perils of the digital revolution.
International cooperation critical 
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed the bloc’s steadfast commitment to the strong partnership with the UN in the face of these unprecedented challenges.
“We both know that we can only tackle these through international cooperation, now more than ever. And in other word words, this means that the world needs the United Nations now more than ever,” she said. 
Ms. von der Leyen provided an overview of the agenda for their talks, including the “big topic” of Ukraine grain exports amid the ongoing war. Learn More / …
UN needed more than ever
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UN: UN needed ‘now more than ever’ European Commission President

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