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GEO´ – Traffic Audit for July 2022
Posted By: Iain Fraser, Interim CIO – ArgusNewsNetwork.com
The July traffic figures are in for Geo´ confirming that we had 326,270* Visitors (July 2022) bringing our average monthly traffic to 275,277 and our running total for 2022 to 1,926,937. (iXlabs – sources: Google Analytics & Cloudflare) Full breakdown 

UNITED KINGDOM:          159,750 (48.96%)
US:                                 63,413 (19.44%)
GERMANY:                          20,205 (6.19%)
CANADA:                  22,718 (6.96%)
OTHER:                         60,184 (18.44%)
SUB TOTAL:                         326,270         (100%)
RUNNING TOTAL:                  1,926,937 (100%)
MONTHLY AVE:                 275,277
This post was issued By Iain Fraser, Interim CIO ArgusNewsNetwork.com with full corporate responsibility. *NB. For reasons of commercial confidentiality, Argus News Network blocks information normally garnered by third-party evaluation sites including Alexa & Ahrefs; preferring to collate our data from those organisations who we provide direct access to our proprietary reporting metrics including iXlabs, Cloudflare & GoogleAnalytics.
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