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UKRAINE: EU still funding illegal invasion – Analysis

UKRAINE: EU still funding illegal invasion – Analysis
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Recent data released by CREA (Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air) clearly shows that Fossil fuel exports are a key enabler of Russia’s military build-up and its ensuing illegal invasion of  Ukraine.
€ 63 billion worth of fossil fuels were exported via shipments and pipelines from Russia since the beginning of the invasion. The EU imported 71% of this, worth approximately € 44 billion.
In a bid to shed light on who purchases Russia’s oil, gas and coal, and how the volume and value of imports have changed since the start of the invasion, the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air has compiled a detailed dataset of pipeline and seaborne trade in Russian fossil fuels.
The key findings show that the largest importers in order were Germany (€ 9.1 billion), Italy (€ 6.9 billion), China (€ 6.7 billion), Netherlands (€ 5.6 billion), Turkey (€ 4.1 billion) and France (€ 3.8 billion) with a quarter of Russia’s fossil fuel shipments arrived in just six EU ports: Rotterdam (Netherlands), Maasvlakte (Netherlands), Trieste (Italy), Gdansk (Poland) and Zeebrugge (Belgium).
Deliveries of oil to the EU fell by 20% and coal by 40%, while deliveries of LNG increased by 20%. EU gas purchases through pipelines increased by 10%. Oil deliveries to non-EU destinations increased by 20%, and with major changes in destinations. Deliveries of coal and LNG outside the EU increased by 30% and 80%, respectively. Learn More/…
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About CREA
The CREA Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air is an independent research organisation focused on revealing the trends, causes, and health impacts, as well as the solutions to air pollution.
They use scientific data, research and evidence to support the efforts of governments, companies and campaigning organisations worldwide in their efforts to move towards clean energy and clean air.  The CREA believes that effective research and communication are the key to successful policies, investment decisions and advocacy efforts.
CREA is registered in Finland, with staff across Asia and Europe. Our work is funded through philanthropic grants and revenue from commissioned research. Learn More/…


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