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AUKUS: What the Security Pact Means for Europe – Analysis

AUKUS: What the U.S.-British-Australian Security Pact Means for Europe – Analysis
Posted by GEO´ PRWire with Analysis by Iain Fraser, Reportage Editor – Gibraltar

By sweeping France aside, the Biden administration has indicated that they neither trust nor value their European allies when it comes to China. Such misgivings raise serious questions about the state of transatlantic relations and the durability of NATO. In this in-depth article Carnegie Europe´s Rosa Balfour
During the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the complaint from some European NATO members of insufficient consultation by the U.S. administration may have come across as petulant. Four weeks later, the AUKUS—a security pact between Australia, the UK, and the United States, whereby Canberra acquires U.S. nuclear-powered submarines and scraps its submarine agreement with France—dispels any doubt.
Whether the failure to warn France of the imminent agreement was an unprofessional diplomatic blunder or a sign of disdain toward the United States’ European ally is less important than the likely reality: when it comes to China, the United States does not value nor trust its European partners. Learn More/…
About Rosa Balfour

Rosa Balfour is director of Carnegie Europe. Her fields of expertise include European politics, institutions, and foreign and security policy. Her current research focuses on the relationship between domestic politics and Europe’s global role.
She has researched and published widely for academia, think tanks, and the international press on issues relating to European politics and international relations, especially on the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, EU enlargement, international support for civil society, and human rights and democracy. Learn More/… 
About Iain Fraser

Iain Fraser is a Geopolitical Journalist & Analysts and Cybersecurity specialist. He currently contributes to a variety of specialist Geopolitical & Cyber media as well being the GEO´ Reportage Editor. On Linked In | Click to Email

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