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GEOPOLITICAL NEWS: Geopolitics in a time of great distraction – The National Security Podcast

Geopolitics in a time of great distraction – The National Security Podcast
Asia & Pacific Policy Society
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In this episode of National Security Podcast, Chris Farnham is joined by Jacob Shapiro to discuss some of the important geopolitical issues flying below the media radar.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s rise fuelling tensions across the region, and unfolding chaos in the United States, this year could not be more action-packed for national security policymakers. Still, there are a number of other enormously important issues and trends in the world that barely get a mention. In this episode of National Security Podcast, we chat with Jacob Shapiro about the geopolitical issues that are changing the world. We discuss the breakdown of the global food supply, examine why previously tight relations between Latin American countries are breaking down, tackle whether peace is really breaking out in the Middle East, and ask what is Open-RAN?

 Listen here: https://bit.ly/33uS3tC

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