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BREXIT: Johnson returns to London to begin charm offensive

Brexit: Johnson returns to London to begin charm offensive
By: Newsdesk Team
City of London News Centre

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has returned to London from the EU 27 Summit with a deal but now the hard work really begins as he and his team of sycopohants begin a charm offensive in an attempt to persuade MPs to back his Brexit deal today ahead of the so called “Super Saturday” in what could be one of the most important Commons sessions of the entire Brexit process and if, as seems increasingly likely a deal is not agreed, he will be sent sent packing.

Mr Johnson has insisted he is “very confident” MPs will back his deal but this is “A” typical of his “bluff and bluster” approach to everything political and personal. However, there seems to be little support for the deal with DUP leader Arlene Foster saying that “as things stand” they will be supporting the new deal.

This negativity has also been echoed by the opposition Labour Party, and unsurprigingly the SNP – so where is the support going to come from this time, paticularly as most political commentators have said for some time now, that despite outward assertations the concenus of Mps do not want to leave Europe.

The other looming fact he has to deal with is that if as expected Parliament rejects the deal he will have to comply with the Benn Act which requires the Prime Minister to write to the EU 27 and ask for an extension to the looming Brexit date.

Image Credit: Boris Johnson


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