About GEÓ BlackBook

We developed our exclusive GEÓ BlackBook  Partner Network during 2017, in response to a tactical user survey resulting in the creation of 10 individual purchasing/sector disciplines that our users either regularly had purchasing influence over or were eager to learn more about.

Now in its third successful year, we utilise advanced CPVx protocols & algorithms to literally drive search traffic from Google to each individual market sector. Additionally, our web traffic has a CTR to our Channel Network of a substantial 34%.

The GEO´ BlackBook program affords selected organisations Primary positioning directly in front of our collective audiences with a fully interactive campaign, at the same time affording them direct access to our entire Global Userbase and media network in turn maximising exposure with ongoing campaign management, inclusive data & imaging updates and unlimited PR Channel access. Detailed monthly metric reporting allows for accurate ROI calculations …

We were determined not to turn our Partner Network into a “Glitterati” of the worlds biggest individual sector manufacturers.  Using our research team to source market leaders in terms of their technology or service we have compiled [and continually update] a network of the organisations that we feel “best fit” our userbase. Our criteria for inclusion follows a strict 10 point Due Diligence process including both online and offline factors to determine their overall Web Reputation and suitability.

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