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DAILY GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: The Geopolitical News Roundup & Analysis for Thursday, 11th January 2024

Thursday, 11th January 2024 

DAILY GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: The Geopolitical News Roundup & Analysis for Thursday, 11th January 2024 GEÓPoliticalMatters.com/InsightsDaily Geopolitical Insights

GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: Good Morning from the GEÓ Newsteam in Gibraltar – Coverage & Analysis for Thursday, 11th January 2024 including: Top 5 Geopolitical Risk for 2024, Oil Price forecast & The Strategic Outlook for 2024. #GEÓInsights #GEÓAnalysis #GEÓVoice #Geopolitics #GlobalRisk2024 #GeopoliticalOutlook2024 #OilPrice

1. GEOPOLITICAL RISK FOR 2024: Leading Geopolitical Risk Intelligence group, ArgusGPIcom have issued their Top 5 Geopolitical Risks for 2024. They are to my knowledge the only Risk consultancy to “predict” the Covid Pandemic so its probably worth looking at their forecast for the year ahead. 1. China/US Relations & Trade 2. Ukraine/Russia 3. US Elections 4. Middle East 5. Climate Crisis (notwithstanding another Pandemic!)  

2. ENERGY/OIL: Analysts at OilPrice.com have forecast a “challenging” year for Oil Prices. Of course there are many factors that dictate price, but for 2024 supplies are encouragingly abundant but weak prices and an overall reduction in demand mainly due to Global climate attitudes dictate that the overall price will be flat. The only external Geopolitical factor that could rock the boat is an escalation in activity in the Red Sea. 

3. STRATEGIC GEOPOLITICAL OUTLOOK: The WEF (World Economic Forum) have published their Strategic Geopolitical Outlook with focus on the intensifying climate crisis, fragile global economies and the identification of frontier technologies and overall concerns of the global security landscape are all set to contribute towards an uncertain Geopolitical Outlook. GEÓ ANALYSIS: How will these factors shape to global landscape in 2024 and beyond?

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