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DAILY GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: The Geopolitical News Roundup & Analysis for Monday, 8th January 2024

Monday, 8th January 2024 

DAILY GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: The Geopolitical News Roundup & Analysis for Monday, 8th January 2024 GEÓPoliticalMatters.com/Insights
Daily Geopolitical Insights

GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: Good Morning from the GEÓ Newsteam in Gibraltar – A very Happy, Healthy & Peaceful wishes to all our readers.

1. CLIMATE CRISIS: IEA – Ensuring the world reaches the it set at COP28 – At the COP28 climate summit that concluded in Dubai, countries around the world agreed to take some important steps forward to address the climate crisis. The mission was to cut methane emissions and move away from fossil fuels. But what is the reality? #GEÓInsights #GEÓAnalysis #GEÓVoice #Geopolitics Learn More /…

2. ENERGY SECURITY: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists – Rokkasho redux: Japan’s never-ending reprocessing saga. The Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant—which would reprocess spent fuel from Japanese nuclear power plants—is over 25 years behind schedule. There are reasons to wonder whether the plant will ever operate. #GEÓInsights #GEÓAnalysis #GEÓVoice #Geopolitics Learn More /…

3. ENERGY: OilPrice.com – Oil Prices caught between Geopolitics and Economic Worry. Crude oil prices have been trading in a tight range since the start of the New Year as geopolitical tensions in the Middle East counter now chronic economic concern with benchmarks booked a decline in the first trading day of the new year. #GEÓInsights #GEÓAnalysis #GEÓVoice #Geopolitics  Learn More /…

4. FOREIGN POLICY: British Foreign Policy Group – The Complex Power of Elections on Geopolitics. With its focus on how foreign policy and domestic policy interact and how public opinion views the UK’s foreign policy, BFPG naturally takes a particular interest in elections. 2024 has plenty to offer in this regard, with elections in the UK, US, Russia & India. #GEÓInsights #GEÓAnalysis #GEÓVoice #Geopolitics Learn More /…


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