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GEÓ KPI EXPLAINER: UNDERSTANDING GEOPOLITICS – Exploring Tensions, Consequences, and Strategies

GEÓ KPIs: UNDERSTANDING GEOPOLITICS – Exploring Tensions, Consequences, and Strategies
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Introduction to Geopolitics Geopolitics is a field of study that focuses on how geography, power dynamics, and resources shape global politics and international relations.

It provides valuable insights into the strategic decision-making of nations and the competition for resources and influence on the global stage. Geopolitical tensions and conflicts arise from clashes of interests, power struggles, and territorial disputes between nations, with far-reaching implications for the world. Geopolitics is not a new concept. Throughout history, nations have competed for territory, resources, and influence.

The study of geopolitics helps us understand the motivations behind these conflicts and the strategies nations employ to achieve their objectives. By analysing the geopolitical landscape, we can gain insights into the factors that shape international relations and the potential risks & opportunities they present. For example, the rivalry between the United States and China is a current Geopolitical issue in today’s world. Both countries are vying for economic dominance, technological superiority, and regional influence.

This competition has implications for trade, security, and global governance – Understanding the dynamics of this rivalry is crucial for policymakers, businesses, and individuals to navigate the complexities of the international landscape.


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