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DAILY GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: The Geopolitical News Roundup & Analysis for Thursday, 14th September 2023

DAILY GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: The Geopolitical News Roundup & Analysis for Thursday, 14th September 2023
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Thursday, 14 September 2023

DAILY GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHTS: Good Morning from the GEÓ Newsroom in Gibraltar. Geopolitical Insights for Thursday, 14th September 2023 – including Kim & Putin An Unholy Alliance, India the “Global South”, Latest gas prices from the IEA and Tensions on the Beloogle Indexed on 140923 at CETarus border … #GEÓInsights @GEÓIntel_Desk


News that international pariahs Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Koreas equally untrustworthy “leader” Kim Jong Un are in deep talks about definite future co-operation between the two “nations” marking a growing alignment of the isolated leaders of the nuclear-armed states.

However news of arms cooperation has triggered stark warning from the West with the US saying US says it ‘won’t hesitate’ to impose more sanctions on Russia and North Korea if they conclude any new arms deal. While analysts dont believe that this so called “cooperation” will extend to Russia sharing advanced weapon technology with North Korea. Follow the latest developments on the Putin/Kim alliance via our X feed @GEO_IntelDesk #PutinKim


As a precursor to the recent G20 in New Delhi Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started using the term the “Global South” and is quoted as saying that India has become “the voice of the Global South” and at the G20 that “voice would be heard” Stirring stuff but with the likes of the UN, Joe Biden and the World Bank also using the term but what or where is the “Global South”? Here GEÓ Associate Publisher, Iain Fraser investigates to produce a definitive explainer Learn More /… or follow the story via our Twitter feed @GEO_IntelDesk


Ahead of the Africa Climate Summit held this week in Nairobi and of the UNCOP28 in Dubai later this year, our IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol and Kenyan President William Ruto teamed up to call for a New Energy Pact for Africa. The pact aims to foster deeper collaboration between African countries and their international partners to accelerate the continent’s progress toward universal energy access. Learn More /… Read the full joint article by Dr Birol and Dr Ruto here. 


Relations between Belarus and its NATO neighbours deteriorated further over the summer. Troops have been deployed on both sides of the Belarus–Poland border, and each country has accused the other of escalating tensions. Lithuania this month closed two of six border crossings with Belarus. Belarus’s defence minister, Viktor Khrenin, went as far as suggesting that ‘the possibility of a direct military clash with NATO in the future has become quite obvious’. Learn More /… 

Image Credit: The Presidential Press and Information Office/CC4.0


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