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BITSIGHT: Creating Trust in an Insecure World – Report & Research

BITSIGHT: Creating Trust in an Insecure World – Report & Research 
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31st March 2023
Creating Trust in an Insecure World: Strategies for Cybersecurity Leaders in the Age of Increasing Vulnerabilities.
Are you overwhelmed by the intricacies of your attack surface? Concerned about the rising risk of vulnerabilities in your and your partners’ digital ecosystems?
New BitSight research finds that the average vulnerability remediation rate across organizations is about 5 percent per month, sparking concern that the status quo of exposure and vulnerability management is broken. Moreover, organizations face significant challenges in managing vulnerabilities in their extended, third-party ecosystem, and most security leaders do not have the tools to address these emerging threats.
Download the report to gain actionable insights that can help you and your organisation:
  • Prioritise vulnerability management
  • Identify your attack surface
  • Understand third-party cyber risks
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Download your free copy!
Cybersecurity Journalist Iain Fraser
About Bitsight
Identify, Quantify, and Reduce Cyber Risk
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