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WHITE PAPERS: Assessing Geopolitical Risk – Echosec Systems

WHITE PAPERS: Assessing Geopolitical Risk – Echosec Systems
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Geopolitical risk can have wide-ranging regional and global effects on many industries and entities.
Read our white paper to see how OSINT supports initiatives to stay prepared and make timely, informed decisions to protect assets and save lives. The White Paper Assessing Geopolitical Risk:
Key Takeaways
  • Open source intelligence (OSINT) is valuable for public sector intelligence applications. Publicly available information supports geopolitical assessments by providing insights often unavailable through classified sources—like on-the-ground activity, real-time alerts, and broader trends in areas of interest.
  • OSINT provides a lot of data, but analysts lack the resources to process and analyze it efficiently. OSINT also raises privacy concerns for governments, who are still navigating the laws, policies, and governance required to optimize public data.
  • OSINT tools aren’t a silver bullet solution for these challenges. But procuring easy-to-use OSINT software with adequate regional coverage and real-time data is crucial for timely, accurate intelligence.
  • These three pillars—ease of use, global data coverage, and real-time access—are valuable for current geopolitical applications like the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Learn More/ …
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About Echosec
Intuitive OSINT Tools For Real-Time Global Insights
Echosec Systems is a leading publicly available information (PAI) and open-source intelligence (OSINT) provider. Founded in 2013 in British Columbia, Canada, the company helps public and private sector organizations improve situational awareness and identify threats. The Echosec Systems Platform and API are prized by teams that value geographic insights, speed to information, data variety, and usability. Learn More /…
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