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The Geopolitics of the Arctic – GEO´ Insights Special Report

GEO´ INSIGHTS SPECIAL REPORT: The Geopolitics of the Arctic By Iain Fraser – Geopolitical Journalist www.GEOPoliticalMatters.com
The Arctic is one of the Earth’s most unique environments. It is seasonally snow and ice covered and the indigenous peoples inhabiting it, such as the Sami and the Inuit peoples, adapt to its extreme cold and compose about a third of the Arctic’s population. They coexist with the Arctic’s unique ecosystems, which are some of the world’s most vulnerable to climate change. The Arctic is also home to what is estimated to be nearly a quarter of the world’s oil, gas and mineral deposits. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) assesses that the resources within the Arctic Circle account for 22% of undiscovered but recoverable resources in the world.
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About Iain Fraser 
Geopolitical Journalist & Risk Analyst based in Málaga City, Spain. Currently interim CIO at Argus News Group and Editor at GEOPoliticalMatters.com as well as being an authority contributor to many leading websites and magazines across the Defence, Cybercrime & European Political sectors. 
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