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BREXIT TRADE DEAL: What exactly was agreed and by whom – Analysis

BREXIT TRADE DEAL: What exactly was agreed and by whom – Analysis
By Iain Fraser, Managing Editor – Gibraltar
Both Britain and the European Union have confirmed their respective trade negotiators have finally come to an agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal after an accord was reached on Christmas Eve
The Trade and Co-operation Agreement, to give it its proper title secured both camps interests after Brexit on January 1st. 2021
However the deal which encompasses issues including Security cooperation, Transport, Energy, Social Welfare and of course Trade necessitated compromises on both sides and initial analysis appears to leave the UK with a significantly weaker economic relationship with the EU, but in my opinion better than having to to trading under WTO rules. 
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Prepare for Disruption
Britain’s trade agreement with the European Union removes a 4-1/2-year old fear of crashing out of the bloc without trading arrangements in place, but it will take UK financial markets years to lose their Brexit-inflicted scars  To continue reading this story please Click Hereto Login or Click Here to Register Free


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