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EUROPEAN GEOPOLITICS: BREXIT – Why NO DEAL Brexit was always on the cards By Iain Fraser

EUROPEAN GEOPOLITICS: BREXIT – Why NO DEAL Brexit was always on the cards
By Iain Fraser – Geopolitical Journalist
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Well it finally happened – The UK is to leave the EU after 47 years as a leading member of Union with No Deal after Prime Minster Boris Johnson said last Friday [16th September 2020] that there was no point in continuing negotiations telling UK businesses that it was now time to prepare for a no-deal brexit.
The incumbent Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove reiterated the Governments position by issuing a statement shortly after the PMs comments saying “Make no mistake, there are changes coming in just 75 days and time is running out for businesses to act,” 
Negotiations between the UK and the EU finally stalled primarily over the UK and the Unions diametric position over fishing access although competition issues are also being cited.
I don’t want to say I told you so… but regular readers of mine will know that as far back as March 2019 I have been predicting what I believe to be the inevitable outcome.
Brexit: Door ‘still ajar’
However despite Johnson’s comments and his own statement former “hack” Gove seemed to contradict himself when speaking yesterday [18th October 2020] on the BBCs Andrew Marr show yesterday, saying that the door is “still ajar” for talks with the EU although the Government Minister put the blame squarely on the EUs shoulders saying a deal was only possible if the EU speed up negotiations and offer better terms. 
The EU has already said said it is prepared to “intensify” talks but EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen says the Union still wants a Brexit trade deal “but not at any price”. However a future agreement looks extremely unlikely and it should be noted that the EUs Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier is reported to have cancelled his trip to London this week, with aides saying that further talks would be conducted remotely. 
The UK Government is urging businesses to step up preparations for an exit from the European Union without a trade deal when the transitional arrangements end. Johnson and Gove will hold are due to host a conference call with business leaders this week and is due to send out letters to 200,000 traders setting out new customs and taxation regulations.
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