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HUAWEI :: UK finally cans Chinese involvement in 5g infrastructure

HUAWEI :: UK finally cans Chinese involvement in 5g infrastructure By Iain Fraser – Consultant Editor, GEOPoliticalMatters.com European News & Media Centre Málaga Google Indexed at 08:51 on 15/07/2020 The UK has finally announced that Chinese technology firm Huawei is to be banned from any future involvement in the 5G rollout. 
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Reportedly the final decision came after the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warned that highly restrictive US sanctions meant the security of Huawei’s equipment could not be guaranteed – but simply isnt the case. GCHQ briefed Downing Street three years ago telling them firmly that Huawei should not be allowed anywhere near the UKs infrastructure but the warning fell on deaf ears. Downing Street sources have said at the time the British Government viewed Huawei very much as a golden goose and with seemingly bottomless pockets –  the answer to it´s 5G ambitions. UK mobile providers will be barred from purchasing any new Huawei 5G equipment after 31 December. The also have to remove all of Chinese technology firm’s 5G kit from their networks by 2027 – leaving the UKs networks “vulnerable” for the next seven years – minimum. Some tech experts have told me that Huawei´s imprint may never be totally removed and spoke of “Crouching Tiger – Hidden Dragon” syndrome prompting fears that removal could be as rudimental as the tripping of a “kill-switch” which would render the companies technology simply dormant but  dangerous. But its not just 5G that is a threat to national security the UKs exposure to Chinese money is vast particularly in Britain’s nuclear power infrastructure. Click Here to Register Free to receive my 2 part Report on Chinese Investment in the UKs National Infrastructure direct to your inbox please 


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