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CYBERSECURITY: Huge security breach across the medical industry exposed

Cybersecurity firm exposes huge security breach across the medical industry. By NewsDdesk Team City of London Newsroom Technology is moving at a fast pace and the security systems don’t seem like they can keep up. This is especially troubling when dealing with a company that is supposed to protect sensitive user data. The health industry is no exception, as companies share data with third-party providers around the world. This can be especially troubling since medical data should be kept private. However, Cybersecurity sepcialists WizCase have found several leaks that seriously raise questions regarding how our medical data is handled and secured in this technological era.
Cybersecurity company WizCase recently found database leaks from several different medical websites from around the world.
The unsecured data includes prescriptions, medical observations, lab visits, Social Security Numbers, and in many cases, full names and addresses. The following databases were found in the context of our research to help companies secure their data. They were all unsecured and didn’t require a password to be accessed, leaving millions of patients’ data vulnerable. WizCase contacted all of the companies, their hosting provider, and in some cases the local authorities but there are still unsecured databases. We hope that after publishing this exposé they will have no choice but to secure the database and protect their customers/patients’ privacy. Click Here to view full report About Wizcase WizCase is a leader in the cybersecurity industry. Our web security team has found leaks in the hospitality industry, online dating apps, webcams, and more.


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